Brewing Coffee

Brewing Coffee

There are four main methods of preparing coffee for consumption: boiling, percolating, steeping, or pressurizing.

Boiling is finely grinding the beans, then boiling it in a pot, also known as Turkish coffee.

Percolating is a variation of boiling, by using gravity to drip boiling water through a filter containing coffee grounds.

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Steeping is brewing coffee in a device called a French press, where ground coffee and boiling water are combined for a few minutes, then separated by a plunger. This leads to a stronger cup of coffee with more natural oils left in the beverage.

Finally, the espresso method forced hot pressurized water through ground coffee, which makes the beverage much more concentrated than any of the previous methods.

All of these methods are supplemented with an assortment of additives like milk and sugar to create an assortment of beverages. Making coffee, from growing to preparing, is a long but wonderful process that brings the coffee drinker everything from milk coffee to a triple shot caramel macchiato with soy milk.

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