Roasting and Grinding Coffee


The beans are roasted after they arrive at their destination. Roasting, which takes place in a large oven, is necessary to release the flavored oils in the beans.

The beans are cooked for 12-30 minutes at 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Finer flavors of coffee are created by roasting the beans for longer. Most mass-produced coffee is baked for about 12 minutes or until the beans start popping and expanding in size.

An industrial grinder

Finally, the beans are ground into the coffee form used for brewing. The idea behind this step is to grind the beans as fine as possible to maximize the contact area with the water during brewing. Finer grinds also release more of the coffees fine oils and increase the coffee’s flavor.

After grinding, the beans are shipped in folded over and often vacuum sealed bags to grocery stores and coffee places for consumption. In some cases, whole coffee beans are sold to consumers to be personally ground at home.

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